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Live Events

This is where we began, doing lights for high school proms. And light is still where any creative endeavor begins. From the perfect stage wash, to a spectacle of buzzing color, this is our bread and shining butter. But we didn't stop there - our passion for illumination led us to explore the limitless possibilities of igniting emotions and painting the canvas of the night sky with sheer radiance.

  • Concert and Stage

  • Photo and Video gaffing

  • Custom installs

  • LED pixel mapping

  • Power Distribution

  • Board Operation



We seek to Illuminate the darkness with a symphony of light, as our creations transcend the boundaries of imagination. We captivate spectators with a harmonious dance between art and innovation. From interactive masterpieces that respond to your touch to breathtaking light sculptures that redefine ambiance, our light and technology based art unveils a whole new dimension of expression.



  • Signage

  • Laser cut, 3d printing, LED pixel maps, large sculpture, automated set pieces

  • Ceramics, paints, textiles, costumes


Any good production needs audio consideration, and our expertise extends beyond just captivating visuals. We can make sure your presenter's voice is clear and audible, ensuring that every word resonates with your audience. Additionally, our talented audio engineers and musicians can craft a special song in any genre, tailor-made to fit the unique tone and ambiance of your project, leaving a lasting auditory impression that complements the stunning visuals we create. Together, we'll orchestrate a seamless fusion of sight and sound that elevates your production to new heights of excellence.

  • Live Mixing

  • Engineering

  • Records



With an expert grasp of light, composition, and the essence of capturing the moment, we specialize in crafting captivating live event experiences. From electrifying performances to impactful brand activations, our team delivers immersive videos that not only tell your story but also forge a deep bond with your viewers.

Moreover, we excel in Livestream production. Seamlessly capturing every heartbeat, we ensure global audiences feel intimately connected to the heart of the live action. Whether it's a corporate summit, a music festival, or a heartfelt ceremony, our adept team guarantees a dynamic and interactive Livestream experience. We transcend distances, bridging the gap between the event and its virtual attendees, leaving an indelible impression that resonates worldwide.


Live Video

  • Livestream

  • Pre through

  • Post Production

  • Video Shoots

  • Projection Mapping

  • Video Walls

Live video
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