Darren Sarkin

Art and Light

 Los Angeles

About the Artist (Kind of)

I was born in London and have lived everywhere. Beyond that I'm not too interested in myself, though my friends would argue. Most artists and people with tattoos espouse self-expression, I prefer selfless-expression. The best art has nothing to do with me; I am deeply flawed, lost in the darkness, and self-absorbed. But through art, I forget myself. For a moment I disappear, all thoughts and fears are gone, and instead something else comes forth. Different groups historically have called this something God or gods, channeling spirits, dropping the ego. I like the pseudo-science term, collective-consciousness, the more hyphens the better.

Once I lost my mind. For a short time I was completely honest, authentic, and trusting of life.

This happened recently. I learned a few lessons, and now that I've returned to sanity these are the things I struggle with.

Lessons of Madness:

- Know myself, know what I do, and connect with others.

- I become sane when tired. take care of self, make the world beautiful. Madness thrives in beauty.

- Soul connection is all that matters.

- Only when I give everything do I get anything. I.e. authentic expression without need.

- The moment you feel need for money, you're fucked!

- Dance. Be a child. Be a fool, be an idiot. Showing my weakness is a filter against those who can't.

- What do I want out of this soul I'm interacting with? Are my intentions honest, do I share them honestly?



If you want to connect with me please do, I love connection.

But be warned, I will look for your soul and show you mine, and I don't take kindly to those with murky intentions.

Be forward and honest with me, I promise to return the favor.



Darren Sarkin

Los Angeles, CA



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