Wingspeak, LLC

Owned and operated by Darren Sarkin



I use high-tech tools to create large-scale beauty.
You might find me directing a music video with dancers in the middle of a forest, welding a massive steel sculpture filled with pixel-mapped LEDS, or running the switcher controlling content on an LED wall 60 feet wide.
If there's too much electricity, dauntingly complicated instruments, no room for error, and pure spectacle, I will be there.

My skills alternately inform each other. Lighting, video, art, and performance are my specialities. Lighting can (should) be controlled by video content, unless the lights are moving, in which case I operate GrandMA and most consoles. But what if more custom requirements come up? Then I get out a soldering iron, Arduino, and pixel tape and build it from scratch.





Darren Sarkin

Edmonds, WA



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