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Consent, Inclusivity, Non-violence.


We use high-tech tools to create large-scale beauty.
You might find us producing a music video with dancers in the middle of a forest, welding a massive steel sculpture filled with pixel-mapped LEDS, or running the switcher controlling content on an LED wall 60 feet wide.
If there's too much electricity, dauntingly complicated instruments, no room for error, and pure spectacle, we will be there.


In addition to our commercial work, we have been producing a sexy, psychedelic, space adventure rock opera for the past year:

Wingspeak was founded in 2011, in our 13 years of business we have consistently pushed the boundaries of production to showcase the most relevant artistic voices, and newest technologies. Contact us to create a noteworthy spectacle with great care and consideration.

Core Team

Rosie 'Bicep' Lindeke



Line Producer and Editing extraordinaire. They will run your show on the tightest timeline and carry it to the heights of beauty

Darren Coyote Sarkin


Founder and Creative Director. Coyote understands production with 20 years experience both on and off camera. Their eye is exacting and will guarantee a flawless vision.


*neither have

a mustache*


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Wingspeak LLC

Seattle, WA


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